How slavery lives and breathes right in front of our eyes

  • Physical slavery
  • Mental slavery
  • Economic slavery

Tips to help your business stand out online

  • Developing a long term brand strategy
  • Creating an excellent marketing strategy
  • Designing a website that compliments brand style
  • Engaging in social media marketing
  • Having an email marketing plan
  • Organizing live events

An overview of ancient and modern cultures that wore beards

  • As a sign of masculinity
  • For religious purposes
  • As a symbol of wisdom
  • To show great virility
  • For warmth…

Beard balm can do wonders in terms of volume and hold

Beard Balm

Yes, Malcolm X knew more about self-love and its importance

Malcolm X | Pixabay

Natural hair should not be used to deny employment opportunities

Black natural hair in the workplace
Natural hair in the workplace

A holistic approach to growing healthy hair

Ayurvedic hair growth products
Ayurveda System

What is Ayurveda?

Understand what mini twists are and learn how to do them on your hair

Reggy | Instagram | YouTube

What are mini twists?

Learn the important medicinal properties of Aloe Vera and its benefits for your hair.

Meet the photographer who transforms imagination into reality and embodies representation

Symone Seven

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A freelance writer with a passion for writing.

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